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DSMIG Publications

DSMIG has produced a number of publications and stand-alone series, including:

  • Guidelines
    DSMIG evidence based surveillance guidelines for cardiac disease, thyroid dysfunction, hearing and vision disorders, growth and cervical spine instability. These can be downloaded from this site as PDFs.
  • PCHR Insert
    A 20 page insert for the parent held personal child health record - The 'Red Book'. This contains additional information for parents and professionals which will help them maintain the health and well being of babies born with Down's syndrome. Further details and an order form are available here.
  • Growth Charts
    UK growth charts for children with Down's syndrome commissioned by DSMIG and produced in the year 2000. Further details and an order form are available here.
  • Keypoints
    At a glance reference sheets on key subject areas. These are available from this site both as web pages and as formatted, single A4 page PDFs.
  • Clinical Awareness Notes
    A series of referenced notes which are currently being developed on diagnostic and/or management issues not covered by the surveillance guidelines. These are available to download from this site as PDFs.
  • Conference Proceedings
    Summaries of papers presented at the RSM conference in April 2001. These are available to download from this site as PDFs, or as a complete printed set in a presentation folder.
  • DSA Medical Series
    A series of leaflets produced by the Down's Syndrome Association for parents, carers and healthcare professionals.

As the site develops we will continue to widen the range of subjects covered by our awareness notes and keypoint series, and will include transcripts of other relevant material from our in-house and other meetings as these become available.