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Useful Links

  • While great care has been taken in selecting sites for inclusion here, DSMIG is not responsible for the content of external sites and the Group does not necessarily endorse all the information they contain.

Main Down's Syndrome support organisations
Links and contact details for the main Down's Syndrome and other support organisations

DSMIG Medical Library
Links to information about specific medical conditions

Intellectual Disability
Interactive training site for medical students and health professionals created by St. George's Hospital Medical School and the Down's Syndrome Association.

Len Leshin Parent Friendly
Medical information site written for parents by an American paediatrician - Dr Len Leshin. Also useful for healthcare professionals. Some useful abstracts from recent papers. Some information not relevant to UK practice.

Mosaic Down's Syndrome (UK) Parent Friendly
Website and e-group for the UK parent support organisation for Mosaic
Down's Syndrome

Mosaic Down Syndrome (USA) Parent Friendly
A parent support site from the USA which has specific information about
mosaic Down's sydnrome which is useful for healthcare professionals.

UK National Down Syndrome Cytogenetic Register
Unique information from the largest existing DS births database. Currently over 14,000 anonymous registrations. At least 95% ascertainment. Up to date information about uptake and outcome of prenatal diagnosis, cytogenetics and a range of demographic factors.

OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man)
Site from the National Institutes of Health that gives very comprehensive genetic information. Search the OMIM database for "Down syndrome". Access ref #190685.

Cytogenetics Resources
Cytogenetics Resources on the site of the Genetics Education Centre, University of Kansas Medical Centre.

Leeds Antenatal Screening Service (LASS)
Information about antenatal screening for a range of disorders including Down's syndrome. Contact information for LASS is available on the site including a telephone help-line run by counsellors and fetal medicine doctors.

Down Syndrome ListServ

The ListServ website appears to be no longer available.

Vitamins & Minerals for children with Down’s syndrome
Now running from ICH and recruiting babies in Greater London and the West Midlands.

DSMIG is not responsible for the content of external sites.
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