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This Medical Library provides access to the full range of information developed specifically by DSMIG (see DSMIG Information Resources) as well as selected information from other sources. All information can be accessed through the subject categories below, which correspond to those used by Medline. In order to accommodate different user needs, information is also categorised by level of complexity (see key).

  General medical/health - 7 items
  Ageing/alzheimers - 6 items
  Autistic spectrum disorder - 3 items
  Cervical spine instability - 4 items
  Coeliac - 4 items
  Demography - 5 items
  Development - 1 item
  Diabetes (type1) - 4 items
  Eye and vision disorders - 7 items
  Gastrointestinal (excluding coeliac) - 4 items
  General - the early days. Adjustment etc. - 2 items
  Genetics - 3 items
  Growth - 5 items
  Haematology/Oncology - 3 items
  Hearing/Otorhinolaryngologic disorder - 6 items
  Heart - 3 items
  Immunisation - 1 item
  Obstructive sleep apnoea - 3 items
  Orthopaedics - 3 items
  Prenatal diagnosis - 4 items
  Psychiatry - 1 item
  Respiratory (exc sleep apnoea) - 5 items
  Therapeutics (inc TNI) - 1 item
  Thyroid - 5 items

Our website is far from complete. Subject coverage is not comprehensive. Rather it is an eclectic collection of information built up largely through the activities of DSMIG. If you are unable to find information relevant to your particular query or if you have difficulty accessing any of the information please contact us and we will do our best to help.

We intend to add information on the following conditions in due course:

  Autoimmune disorder
  Feeding and eating disorders
  Miscellaneous 'other' medical
  Neurological disorder
  Plastic surgery
  Service Provision
  Skin and hair