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Down's Syndrome - encouraging best-practice medical care

This site provides essential information for healthcare professionals on 'best practice' medical care for people with Down syndrome in the UK and Ireland. It has been produced by the UK Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group (DSMIG), a network of doctors whose aim is to ensure equitable provision of medical care for all people with Down syndrome in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

The site includes:

For those who wish to pursue subjects in more depth 'State of the Art' information in the form of references and scientific papers is available through the Medical Library. Subject coverage is not comprehensive. Rather it is an eclectic collection of information built up through the activities of DSMIG. Most information is up to date, fully-sourced, and evidence-based.

Information for Parents
This site is written and designed for healthcare professionals. However, we have included a small set of parent resources (identified throughout by this icon Parent Friendly icon) written specifically for parents and carers. Whilst we hope that this information will be useful to parents and carers, we should stress that it is intended to complement, and never replace, direct medical consultation.

We make no charge for accessing the material on this site, and this site is not supported by advertising. However we have to secure funding both for future site development and for updating. If you find the site useful and believe that it has helped you or your organisation or healthcare trust to deliver 'best practice' medical care please consider making a financial contribution, however small, to support our work.