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How to use this site

The heart of the site is the Medical Libary. This provides access to the full range of information developed specifically by DSMIG (see DSMIG Information Resources) as well as selected information from other sources. All information can be accessed through the library, which is organised into subject categories corresponding to those used by Medline.

In order to accommodate different user needs information is categorised by level of complexity:

  • Level 1 at a glance for 'at a glance' quick reference
  • Level 2 summary overviews for 'overviews'
  • Level 3 in depth for 'in depth' information - full papers, transcripts, evidence based documents etc.

Most information at Level 3 in depth is available in PDF format.

Information written specifically for parents or which we consider particularly parent-friendly is identified throughout by this icon 'Parent Friendly' icon.

Much of the information held in the medical library is cross-referenced and you can access it in other ways. You can perform a keyword search of the entire site or, if you prefer, you can access via user group or type of information required using the links on the main menu on the left on this page.

As the site develops we will continue to widen the range of subjects covered. We also plan to bring on line a fully searchable bibliography covering a very wide range of subject matter.