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Getting Started

If you are visiting this site for the first time, and particularly if you have little previous experience relating to the medical aspects of Down's syndrome, we suggest that you access the article on 'The Medical Management of Children with Down's Syndrome' which was written by Liz Marder and Jennifer Dennis and has been published twice in Current Paediatrics. The article 'What can GPs do to help children with Down's syndrome?', first published in MIMS magazine, may also be a useful starting point.

The PCHR insert contains developmental information and a schedule of recommended health checks which may help members of primary healthcare teams and others who are caring for the first time for a newborn baby with Down's syndrome. 'Welcome to Holland' provides a refreshing insight into the experience of finding that your new baby has Down's syndrome.

If your interest is in adult health issues 'Clinical Aspects of Down Syndrome from Infancy to Adulthood' by Siegfried Pueschel first published in the American Journal of Medical Genetics and reproduced here by the Canadian Down Syndrome Society, may be a useful starting point.

Once started you may well find it useful to dip into one of the books detailed in the book reviews. Then, armed with information as to what you want to know, you can start surfing the site. If you have suggestions as to how we can make the site easier to access please contact us.