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Books which our members have found particularly useful, reviewed by DSMIG members.

Most of these books are available from If you are thinking of buying one (or, indeed, any other book) please consider buying it from the link on this page -- we receive a small contribution to our funds if you do so.

The Adolescent with Down's Syndrome: Life for the Teenager and the Family
Buckley & Sacks
Portsmouth Polytechnic. 1987. ISBN 0-900234-19-9. Review

Down's Syndrome: Moving through Life
Burns & Gunn
Chapman & Hall. 1993. ISBN-0-412-46180-3. Review | Buy

Growth Hormone Treatment in Down's Syndrome
Castells & Wisniewsky
John Wiley & Sons. 1993. ISBN-0-471-93991-9 Review | Buy

Down Syndrome: An Introduction for parents
Cliff Cunningham
Souvenir Press. 1987. ISBN-0-285-65046-7 Review | Buy

Communication skills in children with Down Syndrome: A guide for parents
Libby Kumin
Woodbine House. ISBN 0-933149-53-0 Review | Buy

Down's Syndrome: Advances in Medical Care
Lott & McCoy
Wiley - Liss. 1992. ISBN-0-471-56184-3 Review | Buy

Heart Disease in Persons with Down syndrome
Bruno Marion & Siegfried Pueschel (Editors)
Brookes. ISBN 1-55766-224-X Review | Buy

Down Syndrome: Living and learning in the community
Lynn Nadel and Donna Rosenthal (Editors)
Wiley - Liss. ISBN 0-471-02192-X Review | Buy

Adolescents with Down Syndrome
Siegfried M. Pueschel and Maria Sustova (Editors)
Brookes. ISBN 1-55766-281-9 Review | Buy

Medical Care in Down Syndrome: A Preventive Medical Approach
Paul T. Rogers and Mary Coleman
Dekker. ISBN 0-8247-8684-X Review | Buy

Down Syndrome: The facts
Mark Selikowitz
Oxford University Press. 1997. ISBN 0-19-262662-0 Review | Buy

Medical and Surgical Care for Children with Down's Syndrome: A Guide for parents
Van Dyke et al (Editors)
Woodbine House. 1995. ISBN 0-933149-54-9 Review | Buy

Gross motor skills in children with Down Syndrome: A guide for parents and professionals
Patricia C. Winders
Woodbine House. ISBN 093314981-6 Review | Buy

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