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Funding - Mrs Wood's Cookbook

DSMIG is a registered charity. It has no funding from the Department of Health or Healthcare Trusts. Our information service is now funded by the Down's Syndrome Association and we receive regular support from Down's Syndrome Scotland and Down's Syndrome Ireland. In the early years all our initiatives, including setting up the information service and website development, were funded by small adhoc donations together with grants from the David Solomon Trust, Mencap City Foundation, and Children Nationwide. Members themselves contribute financially by donating professional fees from roadshows and lectures.

The early meetings of our guidelines development group were funded by the Association for the Prevention of Disability. Currently the Royal Society of Medicine Forum on Learning Disability underwrites the cost of room hire for London meetings. Marks and Spencer funded the production and distribution of the first edition of the PCHR insert. The Child Growth Foundation funded all aspects of growth chart development and production of the second edition of the PCHR insert. Harlow Printing gave much advice and support free of charge together with a Christmas donation and we receive royalties from PCHR insert and Growth Chart sales. The Down's Syndrome Association has underwritten costs for transcription and editing of material from the RSM 2001 conference. Oxford Pharmagenesis supported us in many ways in the production of this material and is made a Christmas donation. None of the contributors or advisors for this site has charged for their services and Cayenne Web Development have charged only a fraction of their usual rates. We are deeply indebted to all these people and organisations who have helped and encouraged us.

We are currently seeking funds to support ongoing website maintenaince and development.


If you would like to make a contribution, however small, to help keep the information service afloat and to help us develop our services further, please send a cheque (payable to DSMIG) for whatever you can afford to:

Dr Liz Marder
Honorary Treasurer DSMIG
Childrens' Centre, City Hospital Campus
Nottingham NG5 1PB. UK.